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The aim of Kinfest is to alleviate the isolation felt by kinship children and their carers. They do this by providing opportunities for them to share recreational time together so that they may support each other. This is done through an annual holiday and day trips.

Some years later Kinfest is now an annual event, with 45 families participating in 2014. Some lifelong friendships have begun at Kinfest. During the week there are a number of events organised to promote families spending time together, however families are not required to attend any of these events, and may wish to just relax as a family away from home. In previous years the organised events have included a Sunday Roast lunch, with entertainment for the children afterwards, a BBQ, Sports day, High Tea, Beach day, and ‘Bring a dish’ evening to name a few.

Kinfest itself is currently a Not for Profit organisation and is run entirely by volunteer kinship carers, all funds raised are used to fund future Kinfest events. Please feel free to contact any of the admin's via the Facebook group, if you have a query, would like to fund raise, or join in any of the activities being organised.