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Janellen Redington - Treasurer.

 Janellen currently cares for her three grandchildren, her eldest son’s children.  She also has another baby grandchild by her youngest daughter, who she  loves being a ‘proper’ Nanna to.   Janellen used to have a life, full of carefree  activities, a full time job, and children that were either grown up or nearly so.  She now has dirty nappies, tantrums and a hectic child centric schedule to  cope with.  The tantrums are nearly always hers and not the children’s,  although the nappies are not hers we are reliably informed!

 Janellen’s life pre-grandchildren included 10 years working for an air-crew  contracting company, 8 years with a travel management company, as well as  working within manufacturing, banking, finance and insurance, as a financial  ‘bod’.    She also managed to find time to bring up her three children and two  step-children, run her home, enjoy amateur dramatics, swimming and travel.  She now manages a cup of tea, occasionally.  

 Janellen has had previous experience of being involved with charities, clubs  and societies, being a scout cub leader, chairperson of her children’s PTA,  setting up and running ‘Tornado’ a local support group for parents with ADHD  diagnosed children, as well as helping run a local support group for Kinship  Carers, and now the Treasurer for Kinfest, the events arm of the Kinship  Foster Carers Group, as well as an administrator for the various Facebook  groups run by Kinship Foster Carers Group.

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