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Vicki O’Leary - Chairperson.

Vicki has been with Paul for over 20 years. They have 5 children between them who are all adults, and have 6 grandchildren. Their kinship journey began when their granddaughter was a few months old, due to domestic violence and mental health issues. Vicki was lucky to be “found” by Laura, as they had a mutual friend, before this Vicki had not met any Kinship carers. “It was the support from the admin's and other carers that got me through the process and court”

As an adopted child herself, her parents were fantastic, “I had always known the truth about my adoption and have been very lucky” even with such a positive adoption it doesn’t stop the feeling of abandonment so I didn’t want my children or grandchildren to go through this.

Amongst support and fundraising for Kinfest kinship care, I also have my elderly father living with me and I care for him as well. I actively support kinship care and truly believe it should be a household name, the same as foster care and adoption. It does change your whole life and plans, so it is not for everyone or every child.

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